Final victory (kind of)

Finally I managed to defeat the last of Bosnianbills padlocks he sent me over one year ago (I do not count the two Medecos also being in the pile because picking those is way beyond my skills. I managed to pick one pin but that was it. Anyway that is a story for another post).

No, I do not have a pinning tray. If you have one left over, please send it over ;).

The core itself came in this hugh and heavy Masterlock. I removed it and put it directly into my vise as the flapping of the core in the lock really throw me off.
It may not look like something very difficult. We have four out of six threaded chambers and a stock core. No undercut or threading. Three of six key pins were serrated, all drivers are serrated and serrated spools. The The bidding on the probably one of the best you can get.
However for a beginner as I am this combination brought some trouble and endless frustration with it.

I also have to admit that I disassembled the core before using the key. This last but not least disclosed me that there were six pins in the core for a five pin key. The last pin is barely riding on the very tip of the key. Bill, you are a nasty evil man.
So I kind a knew what I had to expect. However it did not help very much.

One thing that has changed with this picking attempt was that I took an advise from the LockPickingLawyer:
Use the heaviest tension possible.
That may sound silly on a lock with serrated stuff but for some reason it worked.

For picking I used one of mad.bobs pry bars and a 0.015 deforest diamond from the Dangerfield praxis kit.

Lucky enough to get this one finally opened. Now let’s get some beer or something.