Der Tag an dem ich keinen Bürostuhl bekam

Man schimpft ja oft und viel über Paketdienstleister, hört wahre Horrorgeschichten. Für meinen Teil hielt sich dies bis auf vereinzelte Ausrutscher in Grenzen. Aber wenn man es als Unternehmen schafft zweimal hintereinander Mist zu bauen und (bisher) keine Erklärung liefert denkt man sich eben seinen Teil.

Die Kurzfassung gibt es hier:

Wem das genügt der darf jetzt eine andere Seite ansurfen 🙂
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Master Lock 410 busted open

As you may have seen on Twitter I got myself a Master Lock model 410. These locks are known to be great training locks.

Master Lock is kind a huge contrariness. They have padlocks well resistant against physical attacks but contain poor cores. You all know the ML number 3 with their crappy four pin – no security pins – core.
Then they have very weak padlocks with plastic housing like the model 410. They can be sawed open in no time. However they contain a little bit more challenging key way, a fully populated six pin core and what is even more weird is that they are all security pins.

Anyways. As stated before I obtained one of these ML410 and picked it in a few minutes. But I wanted to dig a little bit further and know what is really inside and if I can reuse the core in a much tougher padlock.

So I gone ahead and sawed the adhesive joints and cracked the baby open.
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