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A Pick Kit for EDC – imagined at least

January 10, 2018 Technical Ben Zucker


From time to time I crawl through multiple websites around the world searching for a good-to-go every day carry (or EDC for short) pick kit. Unfortunately I could not find one that perfectly fits my needs.
No doubt there are lots of nice kits out there like the Peterson Eagles Nest, the Sparrows Tuxedo or even the Dangerfield Praxis pick. However all of them have disadvantages for my taste. For example the Peterson handles are very thick and bulky, so they would take up LOTS of room in the pick case. The Sparrows Tuxedo does not contain a pry bar and the Praxis Kit case is way too big.

So I thought what should my individual EDC kit contain to perfectly fit my needs.

The case

I do this kind of in reverse order. Commonly you would start with your picks, then your tension tools and finish off with the case.
The case should be slim and fit in my back pocket. A good start would be the case of the Sparrows Tuxedo kit. So let’s stick with this one for now.


For tensioning I would consider choosing one or two common TOK pry bars in 0.040″ or 0.050″ and a pack of three double ended BOK tension wrenches, long end and short end. Usually I would prefer the ones with a twist, however they would eat up room and as stated it is for EDC and not for home picking.

Fill the pick kit

Now to the picks themselves. I kind a grown up with Sparrows picks so I will stick to those as they are also available without dipped handles. Nice and flat. If you do not like the plain metal you always can add shrink wrap to them which would not make them much thicker but way more comfortable to hold.

  • First the easy stuff. Everyone loves raking, so the very first pick I would consider is a triple peak or Bogota in 0.025″. I noticed the 0.015″ is really thin and bents easily bents if handled negligently but could be useful in very tight keyways. A compromise could be using a Bogota in 0.025″ and a Worm in 0.015″ as latter has a shorter profile.

  • Next I love deforest diamond picks. The thick one would come from Multipick. If the would produce one in 0.015″ I would take it as well. Until then I grab the one from the Dangerfield Praxis Kit.

  • Euro Short Hook in 0.015″ as well as 0.025″ OR Offset Hybrid from Sparrows. However had no chance to compare both yet.

  • As medium hook I take the one from the Praxis Kit as well which is basically a clone from the Peterson Gem.

  • A set of the three SSDeV hooks made and sold by Sparrows

  • Maybe a L-Rake or City Rake in 0.025″

  • Maybe a S-Rake or Snake Rake in 0.025″ and 0.015″

That would be ten picks at minimum. The Tuxedo usually contains seven picks plus six BOK tensioners. Could be a tight fit.

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