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Zuckerbude 3.0

December 18, 2020 Technical Ben Zucker

The whole website has been reworked. Why? Because I can. After a very long time it is now time to say goodbye to Wordpress and say hello to Hugo.

What is Hugo?

Hugo is “The world’s fastest framework for building websites”. You can learn more here.

Simplified it takes your input files, which are formatted using the Markdown syntax, and a template and creates a ready to upload website from that.

There is no web interface or fancy WYSIWYG-editor thing. You can use any text editor, preferably one with syntax highlight or even a small IDE like VScode.

Visual Studio Code editing my website

Visual Studio Code editing my website

After editing the changes can be previewed locally by using

hugo server --disableFastRender --ignoreCache

which will provide a http server that serves the website on localhost. Once satisfied the output of the public folder is pushed to the webserver and the changes are live immediately.

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VeraCrypt and Panfrost compile vs 1GB memory

November 10, 2020 Technical Ben Zucker

Recently I needed to build mesa on my OrangePi One Plus to get the most out of the current Panfrost support. However the building always failed because the board locked itself up. Some research showed that it most likely ran out of memory.

A bit later I tried building VeraCrypt on a NanoPi Neo3 and after a while run into the same issue.

Armbian does ship zram with each board to get help get around the memory lacking a bit. However in these cases it simply was not enough.

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Interessant: die #Bild plant eine tendenziöse Berichterstattung über unsere Vorpublikation zu Viruslasten und bemüht dabei Zitatfetzen von Wissenschaftlern ohne Zusammenhang. Ich soll innerhalb von einer Stunde Stellung nehmen. Ich habe Besseres zu tun.

Christian Drosten

Setup Quake III Arena server on ARM64

April 4, 2020 Technical Ben Zucker

Recently a fellow Twitter user asked for help setting up a dedicated Quake III Arena server on his OrangePi One Plus.

In first place two things came to my mind:

  • is there a source code available as there is proabably no chance that there are arm binaries out there?
  • if so will it compile on arm64 since it lacks of compat to armhf? Running stuff native is more awesome anyways.

Well I gave it a shot and it have to say it is working nicely:

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January 18, 2020 Technical Ben Zucker

…moved to a fresh VPS using Debian 10 as OS. Also IPv6 is now configured and available.

The mailserver stuff has been discarded. Too much effort to maintain for way too less throughput.

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