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Interessant: die #Bild plant eine tendenziöse Berichterstattung über unsere Vorpublikation zu Viruslasten und bemüht dabei Zitatfetzen von Wissenschaftlern ohne Zusammenhang. Ich soll innerhalb von einer Stunde Stellung nehmen. Ich habe Besseres zu tun.

Christian Drosten

Setup Quake III Arena server on ARM64

April 4, 2020 Technical Ben Zucker

Recently a fellow Twitter user asked for help setting up a dedicated Quake III Arena server on his OrangePi One Plus.

In first place two things came to my mind:

  • is there a source code available as there is proabably no chance that there are arm binaries out there?
  • if so will it compile on arm64 since it lacks of compat to armhf? Running stuff native is more awesome anyways.

Well I gave it a shot and it have to say it is working nicely:

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January 18, 2020 Technical Ben Zucker

…moved to a fresh VPS using Debian 10 as OS. Also IPv6 is now configured and available.

The mailserver stuff has been discarded. Too much effort to maintain for way too less throughput.

Message webmaster with his public key

June 4, 2019 Technical Ben Zucker
Photo by Richard Patterson CC BY 2.0

Photo by Richard Patterson CC BY 2.0


Sending a message to a webmaster with his public key… The idea behind this I actually got from an April fools released by c&t magazine. To cut a long story short they claimed that weak GDPR phrasing could be a reason that common letter post might need to be properly encrypted. They even provided a tool that extracts a websites public key use it to encrypt a provided message.

You can find the article (in German) here and the tool here.

Anyway. I was thinking how I could use this to send webmasters encrypted messages when they do not offer public keys emailing. And for some reason I do not was to ask them for keys. Maybe because I am incredibly clever and shy at the same time … never mind.

Some basics

To get a basic understanding how symmetric and asymmetric encryption - to say the relationship between public and private keys - works just watch this video. I started adding captions in English. Hopefully they will be released into the wild soon.

THX @dunkelmunkel Feel free to watch more of his videos 😉

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Probleme der Welt

March 20, 2019 Less technical Ben Zucker

Beitrag vom Juni 2007

Die Welt hat sich in den letzten Jahren schon stark verändert.
Vor 50 Jahren hat noch keiner an Terrorismus gedacht.
Vor 50 Jahren hat sich noch keiner so wirklich Gedanken über Supercomputersysteme gemacht.
Vor 50 Jahren hat sich keiner Gedanken über die Begrenztheit der weltweiten Ölvorräte gemacht.
Vor 50 Jahren hat sich niemand Gedanken über eine einheitliche Währung in Europa gemacht.

Es gibt nur eine Gemeinsamkeit: Es hat damals [scheinbar] alles funktioniert. Wenn du keine Probleme hast, mach dir welche….

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