not your average tech/non-tech blog - since 2007

What why?

Die Zuckerbude was a blog I ran and was online from 2007 to 2011. However, the last public post was published in late May 2010. In terms of content, it was about everyday topics, current affairs, my thoughts on various things as well as cats and other pictures. Every now and then also guest contributions from my loved ones.

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In principle there were two reasons for giving up the page:

  • getting tired on writing
  • the closing of the former hosting service iw-hosting.de …
  • … and the resulting displeasure dealing with a new one.

The idea with Twitter was not that bad at all, because there you are not so much in the pressure to cut half a novel out of your ribs every time to satisfy the sensationalism of readers who can be counted on one hand*.

  • *To explain: Search egines were not allowed to index the blog. So it was read only by people who knew the address. It was never my intention to attract a large readership or to start great discussions about nullity. It was a small collection point for funny sayings and thoughts that I wanted to share with my friends in writing.

Back to Twitter. As I said, Twitter is good in itself, but sometimes the 140 280 characters are simply not enough and I personally do not like these endless threads from split tweets.

My plan will therefore be to use this blog as an extension to Twitter and to put everything that goes beyond the scope to this blog. Thanks to modern technology, it arrives on Twitter in exactly the same way, in which the title of the article and a link here are automatically published. If necessary, I will dig into the archive of the old site every now and then and publish one or the other here again.