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Boring legal stuff

January 6, 2017 Ben Zucker

I skip the common flowery phrases.

  • Disclaimer: In most cases these texts are a simple reflection of existing law and therefore needless.

  • Copyright: In contrast to US law in Europe there is no need for special reference (©) to copyright. There is persistent copyright protection.

  • Imprint: No imprint needed. Neither commercial, journalistic nor educational. No income is generated, not a single fucking penny I got from this! The whole website is false information, satire, fakenews, alternating facts or election pledge.

  • Privacy protection: Who enjoys to excruciate himself/herself by reading tons of mental secretion may create an equivalent data privacy statement at eRecht24. Print it and put it under your pillow for heavy dreams. Alternatively get all the bullshit here for free and without any formatting: click me like a boss

  • Other: Fill levels may vary. For risks and side effects ask your doctor or pharmacist. Beware of electrostatic charge. Excessive pleasure can be laxative. Operation only by trained specialist personnel. Opened consume within four weeks. Smoking endangers the Minister of Health.

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